Pulse Con

Toy News: IGN Reveals "Legacy" Bulkhead and Skids

The folks over at IGN have revealed the very first official pics of two figures from the upcoming "Legacy" line of Transformers figures! This line is a follow up to the "War for Cybertron" trilogy in the "Generations" sub-line and appears to feature characters from different universes coming together. The two figures shown are Deluxe Class Autobot Skids and Voyager "Prime" Bulkhead!

Events: Hasbro Pulsecon 2021 to Reveal Next "Generations" Line

As a follow up to last year's Hasbro Pulse virtual event, Pulsecon returns October 22nd and 23rd! This two day virtual event will cover Hasbro's major product lines including Power Rangers, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, NERF and of course, Transformers! The description of the Transformers panel has been posted on Hasbro Pulse and indicates that the next Generations line will be revealed! Check out the description below:

Events: Hasbro Announces Fan First Friday for August 27 with a Strong Hint at Star Saber

Earlier today Hasbro updated their Facebook Page with an announcement about a "Fan First Friday" coming this week! However, the most interesting part of the post is found in their summary text which includes the phrase "Let's say GO!". This phrase was one of the catch phrases used by Star Saber in the Transformers Victory series!