Voyager Class

Toy News: Official Images & Info for "Legacy Evolution" Bludgeon and Trashmaster

It's Transformers Tuesday and a slew of new listings have gone up online that give us official product images and info for upcoming releases previously revealed on a Hasbro Pulse live stream!  Among these figures are Voyager Class Bludgeon (based on his IDW Publishing comic book appearance) and a new character: Junkion Trashmaster!  Check out the official info and images below along with purchase links that help support BWTF!

Toy News: Official Images of "Shattered Glass" Rodimus and Sideswipe

There were a lot of reveals from yesterday's San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Hasbro panel including another upcoming release from the Shattered Glass universe!  Hasbro has been slowly bringing out one release after another from the once-Botcon exclusive line of characters and the latest addition will be a 2-Pack featuring Rodimus and Sideswipe!  Rodimus is a redeco of the much loved Voyager Class Studio Series 1986 Hot Rod figure.  Sideswipe is a heavy retool of the Sideswipe figure that began with

Toy News: Official Images of "Studio Series 86" Ratchet & Ultra Magnus

On July 20, 2023 Hasbro held its annual panel at San Diego Comic-Con where they revealed a huge line up of new figures including Studio Series 1986 Ratchet and Ultra Magnus!  Voyager Class Ratchet is a redeco and retool of Studio Series Ironhide.  Ultra Magnus represents a first: a brand new Studio Series 1986 Commander Class figure!  Magnus is sized to carry three Deluxe Class cars and one Core (or Legends/Legion) sized vehicle.  The chest also contains a Matrix compartment complete with Matrix accessory!  No word on pre-order dates just yet.  You can check out t