Toy News: "Generations" Legacy Evolution Guardian Robot Revealed

It's Tuesday (some would say Transformers Tuesday) and it looks like we have a new reveal via retail distributor Frikipolis: Legacy Evolution Guardian Robot with Lunar Tread!  The long rumored redeco of Omega Supreme and Countdown is now a reality.  It is likely Hasbro will do its own official reveal later today, but for now check out the images and official product description below.  A turnaround video can also be seen on

Toy News: Hasbro Posts "Shattered Glass" Blaster & Rewind Pre-Orders

It's Transformers Tuesday once again and today's reveal and pre-order is Shattered Glass Blaster with Rewind!  The colors in this set are based on the Shattered Glass Blaster versus Soundwave set released by e-Hobby in 2013.  This set will also include an exclusive Shattered Glass comic book.  The set is $41.99 on Hasbro Pulse and is due to ship November 1, 2022.  For those of you who have a bunch of pre-orders, you will want to do some careful budget c