Toy News: Hasbro Announces "Transformers/G.I. Joe" Collaborative Set

The moment that fans of both the Transformers and G.I. Joe fandom have waited decades for is finally upon us. At today's Hasbro Pulse G.I. Joe stream, Hasbro announced the first Collaboration series set featuring the two iconic brands crossing over! In the past, G.I. Joe vehicles have been repainted as Transformers characters but this is the first time a figure has been made to fit a 3 3/4" Joe figure and transform into one of the main characters from the Transformers brand!

Toy News: "Transformers x Top Gun" Collaboration Maverick Transformer Announced

Note: This news item was originally intended to be posted on July 13, 2020

Hot on the heels of June's Transformers x Back to the Future announcement, Hasbro has revealed another crossover figure: Maverick! This jet fighter/robot is a crossover between the worlds of the Transformers and the popular 80's film Top Gun which was intended to launch a sequel this summer. The film has been delayed due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, but you can check out the trailer below:


Toy News: Hasbro Announces "Transformers x Back to the Future" Collaboration

Note: This news item was originally intended to be posted June 2, 2020

Last year's Transformers x Ghostbusters crossover was extremely successful and popular among fans of both franchises. Now Hasbro has announced another collaboration crossing over the popular Back to the Future franchise with Transformers! Initial pre-orders of this figure's "1984" edition sold out on day one (causing quite a stir among fans) but more pre-orders are scheduled to go up in the Fall for the "regular" edition.