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Toy News: Official Pics of "EarthSpark" Deluxe Class Figures

Thanks to the folks over at In Demand Toys in the UK we now have some in box images of several upcoming EarthSpark Deluxe Class figures!  These images are from the assortment that will feature the build-a-figure parts to create the human antagonist of the show: Mandroid.  Also, a look at the box backs also indicate that the previously unannounced Grimlock and Nightshade figures will join this wave!  Check out these pics in the gallery below.  Hasbro Pulse previously put some Deluxe figures up for pre-order but other retailers have

Toy News: Walgreens Posts Listing for "Legacy" Minerva

After being listed (and selling out) on Hasbro Pulse weeks ago, the much anticipated Legacy Minerva is now listed on the Walgreens web site!  However, she appears only available for pick up right now (though I would contact your store first before traveling out there).  I recommend bookmarking this page and checking it often as traditionally the Walgreens exclusives sell out (then come back in stock only to sell out again).  For now, check out th

Toy News: Official Pics of "Classic Heroes" Megatron

Here's a piece of news out of left field.  We usually focus on lines like Generations or Cyberverse on this site, but now and then something from another corner of Transformers pops up out of nowhere.  Today's example is from the Classic Heroes Team line, the successor to Rescue Bots.  Going for a deep cut, a Macy's listing shows off a new Megatron figure that transforms into an alligator!  This is, of course, a callback

Toys: "BotBots" Series 6 Pet Mob Photo Round Up

This week Amazon and Entertainment Earth shipped the (what appears to be) the final batch of BotBots Transformers.  These cute little figures made quite a splash a few years back, but the last batch of figures was released as an online exclusive.  It will probably be a while before I can get to reviews of these little guys so I wanted to do a pic dump for you to enjoy!  Check out the gallery below for a look at the Pet Mob tribe from Series 6 of BotBots!

Toy News: Official Photos & Info for "Generations" Holiday Optimus Prime

First revealed at London Comic-Con 2022, our friends at Hasbro have sent along the official information and images of Generations Holiday Optimus Prime!  This holiday themed Optimus Prime features a new cab sculpt paired with a redeco of the Earthrise trailer.  Together the two form a team up for Holiday Cheer!  Check out the official info and pics below:

Toy News: Official Images of Super 7 6" Unicron

In the 80's, there was a G1 Unicron action figure planned but the toy was never released.  Of course, in time there would be several releases of Unicron in various forms including the Armada figure which was given many redecos over time and of course the most recent HasLab Unicron release.  However, looming in the background of all these releases was the "ghost" of the G1 release.  Sure it was kind of silly looking with its giant round body and wei

Toy News: Walmart Exclusive Galaxy Shuttle and Vintage G1 "Transformers The Movie" Hot Rod & Starscream Officially Revealed

Some news catch up from earlier today.  While I was running to New York Comic-Con 2022, Hasbro and Walmart released pre-orders for three exciting new exclusives!  The first is the Galaxy Shuttle first revealed yesterday.  The other two figures however were pleasant surprises: Vintage G1 reissues of Hot Rod and Starscream.  However, instead of using pure vintage colors, these two figures have new decos based on their appearance in the animated Transformers: The Movie film!  The figures are each packed in G1 shaped bo