Toy News: "Generations" Legacy DK-3 Breaker Official Images & Pre-Orders

Over a week ago it was revealed that the next in the Diaclone inspired Generations Selects Legacy figures would be DK-3, a blue redeco of Earthrise Trailbreaker based on the Takara Diaclone figure that predated Transformers.  Now official product listings and pre-orders have gone up for the figure along with official information and images!  Even better, we learn that DK-3 does have an actual name: Breaker!  Sure it's not the most imaginative name ever, but for those fans who wanted him to have more than

Toy News: Pulse Con 2021 Reveals "Selects" Behold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion Pack

At Pulse Con 2021 a new Generations Selects figure was revealed in the form of the "Behold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion Pack" which features a redeco of Kingdom Galvatron in a deco inspired by Unicron changing Megatron into Galvatron in the 1986 movie!  This set also features a bunch of new accessories meant to go with the HasLab Unicron including ships and mini-figures.  Check out the product info and images below: