Beast Machines Transformers Toy Review: Che

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Beast Machines Transformers

After their apparent victory in the Beast Wars, the heroic Maximals have returned to Cybertron to find their home planet overrun by hoards of Vehicons controlled by the tyrannical Megatron. Developed from Vehicon technology and inspired by the ancient repulsor-lift chariots used to quell Transformers dissidents during the earliest freedom wars for Cybertron, the diabolical Megatron engineers the Beast Riders -- sophisticated, individualized pursuit vehicles spawned out of the need for rapid transportation throughout Cybertron. Each craft activates only when its primary pilot uses his spark energy for ignition. Over time, the Beast Riders have adapted to their pilots' control and developed specialized powers from their masters!

The struggle for the salvation of Cybertron continues...

Name: Che
Function: Interceptor

Relentlessly hunted by Megatron and frustrated by Optimus Primal's beliefs, Cheetor swipes the blueprints oft he Beast Riders technology and creates his own individualized transport. Encased in a unique Quintessian alloy recovered from the lower levels of Cybertron, Che is impervious to most artillery attacks. Razor-sharp battering rams slice through barriers while front-mounted galvaconductors emit 10,000-volt charges to neutralize any obstacle. When in pursuit mode and at full acceleration, Che can reach hypersonic speeds while maintaining incredible maneuverability. Only Cheetor can operate Che at its peak performance through the focus and balance of his spark energy interface, but allows his fellow Maximals to pilot it in his absence.

Strength: 5.7  Intelligence: 1.4  Speed:Endurance: 6.8
Rank: 2.4  Courage: 7.3  Firepower: 4.9  Skill: 6.5

Che is one of the Beast Riders, vehicles meant for use as accessories with the Beast Machines Transformers figures. Each vehicle is specialized towards one character. Che is specialized for Beast Machines Cheetor. This is specialization is mainly focused on the appearance of the toy.

Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode, Che is a stand alone vehicle designed after Cheetor's cheetah mode. The center of the vehicle is translucent yellow with bright orange eyes. Inside the mouth are teeth which are painted white. Inside the mouth is a black missile launcher which holds two black missiles. On each side are sections which contain the wheels underneath. Each side is yellow with black details reminiscent of cheetah spots. Like other Cheetor toys, this to uses translucent green plastic liberally on the sides and forward section of the vehicle.

Attached to these sections are arms with claws at the ends. The arms are primarily yellow, with translucent green plastic and black claws. There really are not any points of articulation to speak of. To activate Che's action feature, just press the top of the nose down and let go. The vehicle will then roll forward on its wheels on its own.

The vehicle is a cool representation of Cheetor. The use of both translucent yellow and translucent green on the toy really offer a consistancy between the other Cheetor toys and this one.

Transformation to Chariot Mode:
Swing both "arms" in the back forward. Lift the panel on the top of the head and flip it around so the dual cannons face forward. The claw should face back. Che is now ready for a passenger.

Chariot Mode:
In chariot mode, much of Che's appearance is the same as his vehicle mode. The rolling action works in this mode as well. However, as Che rolls forward his arms will twist around and around in the front. The claw on the back may be used to hold onto a passenger. Most basic and deluxe Beast Machines toys will work with this vehicle. Unfortunately, neither the mega or supreme Cheetor will work with this toy. The supreme Cheetor is way to large and the mega is just too tall. This is a major let down considering this vehicle is so heavily identified with Cheetor.

Che's missiles can be fired by pressing the buttons on either side of the missile holder in its mouth.

Added 2/14/01: To refresh the Beast Machines assortments for 2001, Che was repainted and re-released. The new color scheme was made to match the "Night Strike Cheetor" figure coming out the same year. Its main colors are black and translucent dark blue with silver "spots". Some translucent yellow plastic was used as well and the eyes are bright pink. It's fantastic to see that some thought went into this color scheme and for those who are into darker colored vehicles, this is a great contrast from the original.

As an accessory, Che is nice. However, as a stand-alone toy, some people may be disappointed. Even the transformation is a bit of a stretch. Add to that the fact that the mega sized Cheetor cannot work with this toy and this toy is only mildly recommended as an accessory, not as a stand alone toy. B-