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Toy News: Official Images & Info for "Legacy Evolution" Dreadwing

It's Transformers Tuesday and a bunch of new listings have popped up online that give us official product images and info for upcoming releases previously revealed on a Hasbro Pulse live stream!  Among these figures is the Prime Universe Dreadwing!  This figure is a redeco of Skyquake and is due for release in October. Check out the official info and images below along with purchase links that you can use to preorder your figures and support BWTF:

Toy News: "Legacy" Speedia 500 Velocitron Leader Class Galaxy Shuttle Revealed?

Thanks to the folks over at TFW2005, we have our first (unofficial) look at what appear to be stock photos of the upcoming Legacy Velocitron series Leader Class, Galaxy Shuttle!  Galaxy Shuttle was one of the Cybertron warriors from the Victory series in Japan.  With characters like Star Saber and Victory Leo getting recognition in Generations, it's cool that another character from that series may be appearing in the toy line!  No officia