Shattered Glass

Toy News: "Shattered Glass" Flamewar Revealed

In 2005 I helped to introduce a new character into the Transformers universe: Flamewar!  This Decepticon was fanatically devoted to Megatron with a wicked cool deco.  Over the years she has popped up here and there in Transformers toys and lore, but this is perhaps her most unexpected reveal yet: in Shattered Glass!  This reinterpretation of the character features her as a Heroic Decepticon in the topsy turvy world of Shattered Glass features a very true-to-original deco in black with flames.  She features a red Decepticon symbol, so she likely "belongs"

Toy News: Hasbro Posts "Shattered Glass" Blaster & Rewind Pre-Orders

It's Transformers Tuesday once again and today's reveal and pre-order is Shattered Glass Blaster with Rewind!  The colors in this set are based on the Shattered Glass Blaster versus Soundwave set released by e-Hobby in 2013.  This set will also include an exclusive Shattered Glass comic book.  The set is $41.99 on Hasbro Pulse and is due to ship November 1, 2022.  For those of you who have a bunch of pre-orders, you will want to do some careful budget c

Toy News: Official Product Info & Images for "Shattered Glass" Ultra Magnus

Today's Hasbro Live Stream also revealed the next figure in the ongoing Shattered Glass segment: Ultra Magnus!  A retool and redeco of Siege Ultra Magnus, this figure features a new head sculpt based on the Botcon "skull" head design for the character.  But wait, there's more!  Since SG Magnus' colors were based on the Diaclone Powered Convoy (which became Ultra Magnus in G1), Hasbro is also including an alternate head you can screw on so this figure is instead a Delta Magnus figure!  Check out the official product description and images below.