Toy News: "Shattered Glass" Flamewar Revealed


In 2005 I helped to introduce a new character into the Transformers universe: Flamewar!  This Decepticon was fanatically devoted to Megatron with a wicked cool deco.  Over the years she has popped up here and there in Transformers toys and lore, but this is perhaps her most unexpected reveal yet: in Shattered Glass!  This reinterpretation of the character features her as a Heroic Decepticon in the topsy turvy world of Shattered Glass features a very true-to-original deco in black with flames.  She features a red Decepticon symbol, so she likely "belongs" in the Shattered Glass universe versus being a transplant from the G1 universe.

The figure itself is a redeco of Legacy Arcee and includes a redeco of Pteraxadon as the new character Fireglide!  No word yet on a release date or preorders.  Check out the images of this upcoming release below: