Entertainment News: Preorders Open for "Transformers: Music from the Original Animated Series"


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On the March 28, 2024 Hasbro Pulse Stream revealed that Hasbro would be teaming up with Amazon.com to release a reissue of the album released in 2019.  This release will include bonus tracks and a mixture of remastered orchestral and ‘80s inspired synth tracks from the original tapes by composer Rob Walsh.  The album will also be available on Digital Platforms.

The album will also feature exclusive artwork by renowned artist Matt Ferguson.  The album is up for pre-order now with a release date of July 26, 2024.  You can check out Pulse's interview with Matt Ferguson in the embed below.  The artwork and info for the album is below that.



  • Premium thick spine gatefold packaging
  • Thick board inner sleeves
  • Limited Edition Colour Vinyl
  • Disc 1 - “The Autobots” - Metallic Silver with swirls of Red & Blue
  • Disc 2 - “The Decepticons” - Metallic Silver with swirls of Purple & Blue
  • Edition obi-strip
  • 12x12 card art print - Exclusive to Amazon
  • Complete artwork produced exclusively by renowned artist Matt Ferguson

1. Opening Theme Song
2. Life
3. Cybertron Sorrow
4. The Bridge to Iacon
5. Unwelcoming Committee
6. Prepare
7. Attack Attack
8. Decepticon Drama
9. Explore Repair
10. Facing Disaster
11. Ominous Discovery

12. Elements of Danger
13. Somethings Wrong
14. Overcoming the Unstoppable
15. No More Worries
16. Unyielding
17. Heavy Mettle
18. Man and Machine
19. Matters and Antimatters
20. Battle Fearlessly
21. Ancient Legends
22. The March of War
23. Roll for Home
24. The Glimmer of Hope
25. Earth to Cybertron

26. Into the Jaws of Death
27. Doomed Together
28. The Wrong Readings Mean the Right Doom
29. Transformers Medley
30. Mad Planet
31. Conflict on Cassette
32. Pastoral Tranquility
33. From the Secret Files of Teletran II

34. Separation Anxiety
35. Synthesized Magic36. Sinister
37. Uneasy Advances38. Epic Struggles
39. Mysterious Airs40. Waking Nightmare
41. Storm & Strife / Urgent!
42. Transformers Theme Tune (40th Anniversary Remix)

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