Web Site Update: An Important Note regarding Ben's World of Transformers


To my readers and Fellow Transformers Fans:

In the past week or so you may have noticed a decrease in the frequency of posts on Ben’s World of Transformers.   This has been due to some unfortunate changes in the life circumstances of both myself and my significant other.   Due to legal issues that are still in play, I cannot be more detailed about what is happening, but what I can say is that the events currently transpiring have had a significant impact on my ability to photograph figures for reviews and the time I have had to write entries for the site.  However, BWTF is still a priority for me and I do intend to start doing some more write ups, though they may focus more on say, reviews of EarthSpark and news items than my typical toy reviews.  I will also continue my “Storage” series of social media posts (see here, here and here for examples).  For those curious, me being at storage so much is related to what is happening (so I thought I'd make the best of it).

I do understand there is quite a bit of ambiguity here, and that is on purpose, but I can clarify what this is not related to:

  • These legal issues are not related to Transformers or my web site.
  • These issues are not related to my health.

Also to be clear:

  • I have no intention of shutting down BWTF.com for the foreseeable future.
  • My current issues are likely to continue for at least two months.

If you wish to help and support me in a difficult time, I would ask that you do the following:

  • Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and “Like” as many posts as you can.  Sharing is also helpful and appreciated.
  • Please visit BWTF.com as often as you can.  Keeping my impressions up helps me provide official coverage at Transformers related events.
  • Use my sponsor links to purchase your figures whenever you can.  Sponsors help keep this site alive.
  • If you are feeling extra generous, please join my Patreon.  I only have one tier: $2 USD per month.

Thank you all for your support.  I hope in time things will settle and I will be able to return to normal operations.  Til all are One!

Benson Yee