Toy News: Official Takara Tomy Images & Product Info for "Studio Series" Rhinox


A few weeks ago Hasbro revealed Studio Series Rise of the Beasts Rhinox during a live stream.  However, they noted during the stream that the colors on the figure they showed off were not final.  Now thanks to a new listing by Takara Tomy, we may have a better look at the final product and (hopefully) how the character appears on screen!  Takara Tomy lists this figure at 6050 Yen (about $43.16 USD) with a release date of November 2023.  Remember, Takara Tomy's release and price are within Japan and do not necessarily reflect releases outside the country.  For now, check out the product info and images below:

Reproduce the beast warrior Rhinox that appears in the seventh Hollywood movie "Transformers / Beast Awakening". Transforms from robot mode into a giant rhinoceros. He is a member of Maximal led by Optimus Primal, but in order to prevent Unicron from invading Earth, he cooperates with the Autobots to challenge Terrorcon. A hammer-shaped weapon is included.

Product name SS-113 Rhinox
Manufacturer's suggested retail price (tax included) 6,050 yen
Release Scheduled to be released in late November 2023
Target age 8 years old and over

Source: Takara Tomy Studio Series Rhinox Product Listing (as translated via Google Translate)

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