Toy News: JAXA, Toyota and Takara Tomy Team Up for Lunar Cruiser Optimus Prime


Takara Tomy, JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Toyota have joined together to announce a unique collaboration: the creation of a Lunar Cruiser Optimus Prime action figure!   This item is currently set up as a crowd funded initiative.  If successful it will presumably be sold at retail in Japan.  No word yet on a release outside Japan.  For now, check out the promo video, information and images from the Camp Fire site below (translations provided by Google Translate):

In recent years, the potential of space has attracted attention and become more familiar, such as research on how humans can live on the moon. In addition, Takara Tomy, in collaboration with JAXA, etc., has developed an ultra-compact lunar robot nicknamed "SORA-Q" (*2). It will be installed on the lunar lander "SLIM" and "SORA-Q" will be launched to the moon. The development of "SORA-Q" utilized Takara Tomy's knowledge of miniaturization and weight reduction cultivated in toy making, as well as technology related to deformation mechanisms represented by "Transformers". We sincerely hope that through SORA-Q, children will be more interested in the natural sciences than ever before, and that it will be an opportunity for them to learn about the wonders of space. We will release the 1/1 scale model “SORA-Q Flagship Model” (* 3) of “SORA-Q” on Saturday, September 2, 2023. Furthermore, this time, by combining our long-selling brand "Transformers" with the theme of "space", we would like to provide opportunities to feel closer to the universe.

(*1) “Luna Cruiser” (©JAXA/TOYOTA)
Nickname for a manned pressurized lunar rover (lunar rover) that uses fuel cell vehicle technology jointly researched by JAXA and Toyota in 2021. The pressurized manned rover is still under research and development, and the actual lunar design may differ.

(*2) “SORA-Q”
A nickname for an ultra-compact, deformable lunar robot jointly developed by Tomy with JAXA, Sony Group Inc., and Doshisha University. From August 2023, "SORA-Q" will be installed on JAXA's small lunar lander "SLIM" and will be launched to the moon.

(*3) “SORA-Q Flagship Model”
1/1 scale model of the transformable lunar robot “SORA-Q”. It reproduces the same size (approximately 80 mm in diameter), the same deformation, and the same movement (butterfly, crawling) as the aircraft that goes to the moon so that you can simulate the experience of the moon surface with "SORA-Q" at home. . You can operate it using a dedicated app (free) and enjoy the same movements (transformation and forward/backward/left/right maneuvering) as "SORA-Q" that moves on the moon. Suggested retail price: 27,500 yen (tax included) Scheduled release date: Saturday, September 2, 2023 Target age: 8 years old and over

Product name: Transformers “Luna Cruiser Prime”
Scheduled release date: Late March 2024 (general release)
       *If you make a reservation at “CAMPFIRE”, it will be delivered in late February 2024.
Target age: 8 years old and over
Product content: Luna Cruiser Prime main unit, solar panel parts, antenna parts,
      instruction manual
Product size : 
Approx .

<Recruitment method>
This project will be implemented in an all-in method. Even if the target amount is not reached, we will execute the plan and deliver the return.

What is "Transformers"?
"Transformers" is a content created by Takara Tomy Co., Ltd. that originates from Japanese toys. It is developed with the one and only concept of "I'm here" and a magnificent story of super robot life forms that can freely transform and fight in space. After the toys were released in America in 1984, animation and comics became a big hit, and in 1985 toy sales and animation started in Japan. From 2007, Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay made it into a live-action movie in Hollywood, and it became a big hit all over the world. Currently, it has become a very popular character all over the world, with sales of more than 700 million units (as of July 2022) in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.
“Transformers” toy official website:


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