Toy News: "Vintage G1" Blaster on Heavy Discount at Some Walmart Locations


As a new year settles in Kingdom toys have begun to hit toy store shelves.  With that comes discounts on last year's releases.  Among them are the Vintage G1 Blaster exclusively sold at Walmart stores.  Some locations have begun to sell this figure for prices as insanely low as $1.45!  The two photos below were taken by yours truly at the East Brunswick, NJ Walmart this morning.

Keep in mind, not all Walmart stores are selling this figure for the same price.  And as you can see, the ones you do find in store may be a bit roughed up.  I recommend checking Brickseek in your area to see what is available near you.  As you can see from the screen shot below, prices (and stock) will vary from store to store.  Good luck, fans!