Toy News: Behind the Scenes Info & Images for "Studio Series" War for Cybertron Bumblebee


Hasbro Transformers designer Sam Smith has taken to Instagram once again to provide behind the scenes information on an upcoming figure!  This time out he is offering a look at the recently revealed Studio Series Gamer Edition Bumblebee.  Check out the mirrored info and images below along with his turnaround videos!

You can pre-order Bumblebee from BWTF sponsor BigBadToyStore or affiliate site Entertainment Earth.

While there has been a lot of excitement around the new movie line for Studio Series, we are thrilled to finally be able to debut the expansion of our Gamer Edition sub series. Kicking this segment off we revisited a game that is very near and dear to our hearts, War for Cybertron (2010)



First up is Bumblebee! It was great to get a chance to revisit this character with a more faithful representation of the in game character. In a previous release, this figure had been based on the concept art, so this release allowed us to follow the game model for more accuracy in terms of detail and scale.

In the game, Bumblebee is a much smaller character, so the SS line benefits from being able to scale the characters appropriately to one another. Similar to the development process of our traditional studio series movie figures, we utilized the three dimensional character models from the game to translate a functional transformation for these figures.

I had the joy of partnering with Shuhei Umezu at TT, who did an incredible job of developing the transformation. It’s unreal how compact of a vehicle Bumblebee converts into in the game, but Shu found a way to pack the entire robot form inside of it, with zero compromise to the alt mode.

Bumblebee gets loaded with alternate blasters and a sword accessory, all of which can be loaded onto the robot and vehicle modes.

To further diversify this segment from its predecessors, we brought one of the in game gimmicks to life via a 5mm port system. All of the figures in the WFC sub line are able to remove their right forearms to allow for the transformative weapons to be able to be mounted In place of their limb. Because an armory of different weapons were available for each character in the game, you can mimic this gimmick by swapping weapon limbs across your SS WFC figures.

Overall I am thrilled with the launch of this new segment, and even more excited for all the untapped content that this presents as potential future candidates for the studio series line.

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