Toy News: Takara Tomy Posts New Photos of "Masterpiece" Senator Cross Cut


The Official Takara Tomy Transformers Twitter feed has been updated with new photos of the Masterpiece Senator Cross Cut. Cross Cut is a redeco and retool of the upcoming Masterpiece Skids figure. Cross Cut's deco and head sculpt have origins back in the Diaclone line that predated the Transformers. Back then, the sculpt that would become Skids was given several decos and two different heads, and now the Masterpiece line is paying homage to that history. Also check out the official product information (via Google Translate) and images of the figure from Takara Tomy Mall. Takara Tomy Mall has a price of 10,780 Yen (about $97.91 USD) with a release date of Late March 2022.

Transformer Masterpiece MP-53 + Senator Cross Cut
Transformers / Cybertron Ambassador / Crosscut released in 2002 is now available as a masterpiece "Cybertron / Councilor Senator Crosscut"!

In masterpiece, Honda City R silver color is completely reproduced with license from Honda Motor Co., Ltd.! Completely transformed from Honda City R to robot mode!

Robot mode is newly designed based on the toys of that time! Fully poseable is possible! Three types of weapons are included: "Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter", "Stan Grenade", and "Double Vertigo Gun".

In addition, a clutch drone (Motocompo) is included. Clutch drone (Motocompo) or weapon can be stored in the hatchback.

Product Details: Senator Crosscut Body (1), Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter (1), Stan Grenade (1), Double Vertigo Gun (1), Clutch Drone (Motocompo) (1), Character Card (1), Instruction Manual Book

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