Sponsor News: 52TOYS Reveals New Products at its Special Product Showcase for Q3/Q4 2022


On September 15th, 52TOYS released the Special Product Showcase for Q3/Q4 2022 presenting in total 9 new products from the BEASTBOX series and the brand new BEASTDRIVE series to fans worldwide.

52TOYS is a leading brand of collectible toys in China integrating designing, producing and selling of transforming toys, action figures, blind box toys, art/designer toys.

BEASTBOX is a China designed Mecha brand of 52TOYS featuring transformation between beasts and 5x5cm cubes. It's been 6 years since the first BEASTBOX was launched and the products are well loved by collectors both at home and abroad. In the showcase, 52TOYS introduced new BEASTBOX products including Rabbit, Triceratops 2.0, Flamingo, AMTS Space Team and Cameroceras, all of which will bring brand-new experiences to fans when playing with them.

In addition, 52TOYS will launch an entry level model kit DIO with assembly as the main drawn instead of transformation suitable for both BEASTBOX and modeler fans. The model kit DIO will display the playability, intricate details and inner structures of the classic DIO.

Earlier in June this year, 52TOYS showed off the brand new series -BEASTDRIVE at TOKYO TOY SHOW creating a stir in the community. BEASTDRIVE series is designed by 雷鳥工房 from Japan and features transformation between beasts and high-speed vehicles. In the showcase video, 雷鳥工房 has made a detailed introduction of the designing ideas, concepts and process of this new series. The shark can be transformed into jet planes, while the raptors can be transformed into super cars.

Last but not least, 52TOYS also revealed the BEASTBOX Encyclopedia which records the whole 6 years of hard work of designers and teams including in-depth product information, many unrevealed designs and illustrations by Naoto Tsushima.

For more details , you can check it out in the video via the link : https://youtu.be/rH80ftqX6Q0

The products will be launched in Q4 this year, stay tuned for the launch by following them on :

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