Toy News: "Buzzworthy Bumblebee" Cliffjumper and Kup Found in New Jersey


Last year it was revealed that the Target exclusive Buzzworthy Bumblebee toy line would be releasing redecos of previous Generations figures as part of the sub-line.  These Deluxe Class figures were B-127 (featuring a new head and deco), Cliffjumper (with cartoon deco) and Kup (with more 'screen accurate' deco).  While these figures were found in Asia months ago, they have now hit the Northeast United States in New Jersey!  During my hunt this morning, I was shocked to come upon Cliffjumper and Kup!  These were found at the Target in Vauxhall, NJ and they only had one of each.  Each figure rang up at $22.99.  B-127 was already gone, but this gives hope that these figures will start appearing more at Target stores soon.

These items are currently listed on Target's web site, but they are not yet in stock:

Good luck with everyone's hunt out there!