Toy News: HasLab Update for Deathsaurus Shows Off Transformation, Accessories and More


After a relatively long period of silence, Hasbro Pulse has posted an update for backers of the Deathsaurus HasLab!  In the video, Transformers team member Evan shows off the “EP1” (Engineering Pilot) Deathsaurus.  In the video Evan takes us through various features of the figure and even shows off its full transformation into his Space Chicken Kaiju mode!

Here is a rundown of highlights from the video that you can see here.

  • The EP1 prototype does not feature the figure’s full deco.
  • Plastic colors are subject to change.
  • When moving the figure at the hip joints, you can hear the distinct clacking sound of ratchet joints at work.
  • Boater and Pipo are partials of Power Punch and Direct Hit utilizing the thighs, armpit swivels and wheels from those figures.
  • Deathsaurus and Victory Saber stand at almost the same height.
  • Deathsaurus has butterfly joints at the shoulders to facilitate poses with his melee weapon.
  • Shoulders have ratchet joints.
  • Features wrist and finger articulation.
  • Tiger Chest’s wings and head move so they do not interfere with articulation.
  • Knees have ratchet joints.
  • Tiger and Eagle Chest both fit into the chest at the same time.  If you remove both a panel takes their place so you are not left with a hollow chest.
  • Eagle Chest prototype was assembled incorrectly so it is a tad bit bulkier than the final product will be.
  • Eagle Chest’s mouth can open and the head can move side to side as well as up and down.
  • Tiger Chest’s wings and head crest will be vac metallized.  The wings will ship detached and attach via 5mm ports.
  • Arm articulation allows Deathsaurus to pose as if he is drawing back an arrow with Tiger Chest.
  • Tail transforms into shield and attaches to a 5mm port on the shoulder.  There is also a peg to hold it in his hand.
  • The beast mode is described as a “Kaiju/Griffin/Dragon”.
  • Beast mode toes articulate.
  • Beast mode arms have several points of articulation and can move up, down and even out.
  • Beast mode mouth has an attachment point for a Blast Effect.
  • Cannon can be held on either side over the shoulders in beast mode (the prototype had some fit issues but this will be fixed before final release).
  • Cannon folds in half for storage.  All his weapons can attach to the back of his throne accessory.
  • The shield can also attach to the back of the throne.
  • The chain on his ball and chain weapon is from Masterpiece Megatron.  This weapon can store in his back inside the beast mode head.
  • The sword can tab onto his back for storage.
  • Blast Effects are the same ones that came with Jetfire and Victory Saber.  They will be clear purple in the final product.
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