Movies: New Text-to-Speech TikTok Features Optimus Prime's Voice


The next live action Transformers film Rise of the Beasts is only a month away so various promotions are coming out of the woodwork.  The latest is a text-to-speech ability added to Tik Tok featuring Peter Cullen's voice as Optimus Prime!  If you have a Tik Tok account, you can do the following:

How to use the Optimus Prime text-to-speech voice:

  • On the Create screen, record or upload a video.
  • Type in your desired text.
  • Tap the Text-to-Speech button.
  • Once the Text-to-Speech panel appears, tap the Optimus Prime icon.
  • Click "Next" and post!

You can check out the instructions for this here.  Also, take a look at the fun video below showing Peter Cullen recording dialogue for this text-to-speech feature!

@transformersmovie Shoutout to the GOAT Peter Cullen for spending time in the recording studio to bring Optimus Prime’s voice to life on @tiktok #TransformersVoices ♬ Transformers Rise of the Beasts in Theatres June 9 - TRANSFORMERS