Toy News: New "Classic Heroes Team" Transformers Revealed


As reported on TFW2005, retailer ACD Distribution has posted a listing for interesting figures that appear to be successors to the Rescue Bots Academy toy line.  Continuing with the use of the current "Classic Heroes Team" sub-line name, these upcoming figures do not have any Rescue Bots branding, and instead are only branded as Transformers with the Classic Heroes Team logo.  Two of the figures (Optimus Prime and Bumblebee) appear to be re-releases (and possible redecos) of Rescue Bots Academy figures.  The other two however are brand new, featuring Rescue Bots Rescan Series style interpretations of G1 Grimlock and Beast Wars Optimus Primal!  Below are the official images and product descriptions from ACD Distribution.

Imagine helping the Autobots save the day! These toys are ready to take to the streets and charge to the rescue! Kids ages 3 and up can pretend there is a dangerous situation unfolding and convert the brave 4.5-inch action figure from a robot to a vehicle they can imagine racing to the scene for a courageous rescue.