Toy News: Toys R Us Returns to the U.S. with a New Location at American Dream Mall


It has been years since Toys R Us held a strong retail presence in the United States. While the brand still exists in other countries such as Canada, the chain closed its doors in the United States in 2018. The tale of why Toys R Us closed has many angles which you can read about here. Toys R Us tried to make a brief comeback in 2019 but the results were largely disappointing and those stores closed quickly.

Since that dark era, the brand has since been acquired by WHP Global and opened up Toys R Us branded toy sections in Macy's stores for the 2021 holiday season. Now they are following up with a full fledged store due to open in mid-December 2021 at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey!. Unlike the 2019 store attempts, this will be a full fledged, two story store with "...a two-story slide, an ice cream parlor and more than 10,000 toys." according to USA Today. When this opens BWTF will visit and report on the (hopeful) rebirth of a classic brand!

Render via WHP Global from USA Today