Game News: Complete your 3* Volcanicus or Predaking this Weekend in "Earth Wars"


Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Welcome to week 2 of the saga!

It’s time to regroup with your Alliance because this weekend, we’re going back to an Alliance event! In this event, you’ll be able to complete your 3-Star combiner (Volcanius or Predaking), because, at certain checkpoints in the event, you’ll be able to obtain their 3-Star bots!

There have been some questions in regards to the Saga having Super XP every week - and this is intended. For the first time, we’re going to have a Super Saga all the way until the 4th of October!

Close Encounters

Take part in this weekend's Alliance Totaliser and you can win:

■ Up to ALL 3-Star Bots needs to unlock either Volcanius or Predaking (if you have all of them you will get 10,000 Combiner Spark instead!)

■ Up to 2,500 4-Star Shards

■ Up to 6 Gold Power Core Chips

■ Up to 4,000 3-Star Shards

■ Up to 20,000 Premium Shards

■Up to 100,000 Spark

■ Up to 100,000 Combiner Spark

■ Up to 50 Kremzeek Canisters

Event Type: Alliance Totaliser
Start Date: 03/09/2021 10:00 UTC
End Date: 06/09/2021 10:00 UTC
Bot Experience: SUPER XP
Total Event Score: 500,000

Event Battle Zones

Alliance Totaliser Prizes

Game Updates & Information
We have some news on a few things that the team has been working on in the background, and we’re keen to share them with you!

New C.O.M.B.A.T. Characters!
Next week, Sheeldron and Fangtron will join the Earth Wars family to offer some extra protection to your warriors! Sheeldron is pretty fearless, prone to jump in at the deep end without much thought to own safety. And he is very durable and resistant to injury, equipped with thick armor plating and vibro-defenses that transmit an attacker's kinetic energy back at them.

Fangtron is a slippery customer, both in a physical and psychological sense. He's vicious and always ready for a fight, but the venom he drips is sometimes more insidious, attacking a foe's self-esteem. He can repel most conventional attacks.

We are celebrating the release of Beatstar!

You are now able to claim Stan Bush's iconic The Touch. Check out our in-game newsfeed this weekend to claim this.

Spoilsport & Aimless
The 10% Crystal Discount will continue this week, and this time Spoilsport & Aimless will be available.

Our Mixed Bundles will continue throughout the weekend, and we’ll have both:

- GI Joe Hound V.A.M.P. & Soundwave H.I.S.S. - GI Joe Jetfire Skystriker & Skywarp Nightraven

At the lowest price point, both will contain 5 Crystals per bot, 125 Character Shards, 10,000 Spark, and 1 Reflective Coating Chip!

War Mode
We know that we've not been on top of the War effects as of late, and we apologise for this.

We are currently working on multiple war effects so that we're able to commit to a 3-week schedule, meaning all playstyles, at the top level only, will be challenged.

We are aiming to launch the new effects at the start of the next saga (and don't worry, we will be talking more about them very soon), we have decided to re-apply some effects we've used before - just to keep it fresh until those new ones arrive.

The last thing we want to do is alienate our entire player base who war at the top level. We'll continue testing effects but we can't guarantee if they'll be too easy, or too hard. That'll be down to you as we'll be encouraging base design. Of course, we'll be listening to the feedback you give us throughout each rotation, and we are willing to listen.

The Prime League effects will be:

  • Outpost bots have an additional 25% HP and 25% DPS
  • Build bots shield nearby defences for 20% less Ability Damage
  • Defenses explode, dealing damage proportional to their DPS upon destruction

Hard Mode Battle effects:

  • +10% Health for Defences
  • +15% DPS for all Defenses
  • Targets hit by Missile Launcher take +20% Damage for 7 seconds

These effects will go live on the 2nd September, and will remain until the 7th of October.

September's Gift
Here's to another month, stay safe and have fun!

Here is your gift for September:

  • Silver XP Core
  • 5,000 Premium Shards
  • 10,000 Spark
  • 10,000 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark
  • 10,000 Combiner Spark

The loot link will expire on 30/09/21 23:59 UTC. Having trouble redeeming? Please follow our troubleshooting steps here.

CLAIM NOW!  Enjoy!

Saga Schedule
It’s week 2 out of 6!

We’d just like to clarify that yes - you read the schedule correctly! It is Super XP every week, which means it’s a Super Saga!!

The schedule below is subject to change, and you can always find those changes that are made by joining our Discord server and checking out our #event_updates channel.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
The following bug fixes will go live on Thursday 2nd September:

  • Blaster and Soundwave
  • We have fixed an issue causing the cassette minions to backtrack when summoned in battle.

There is no livestream this week! We're back on Thursday 9th September 16:00 UTC!

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