Movie News: "Rise of the Beasts" Notebook Reveals Optimus Prime Design


The Russian retail site Wildberries has posted a listing for a Rise of the Beasts notebook featuring an image of Optimus Prime on the front and what looks like ancient carvings of animals on the back. The Optimus Prime is essentially a version of the Optimus Prime we saw in the Bumblebee movie, which makes sense since this is a sequel to that film. More interesting is the "carving" which features several animals that represent classic Beast Wars characters. This includes (from the top, clockwise):

  • Gorilla: Optimus Primal
  • Pteranodon: Terrorsaur
  • Falcon: Airazor
  • Tarantula: Tarantulas
  • Rat: Rattrap
  • T-Rex: Megatron
  • Rhino: Rhinox
  • Scorpion: Scorponok
  • Cheetah: Cheetor
  • Raptor: Dinobot

Does this mean all these creatures will appear in the film? We know certain ones are such as Optimus Primal, Cheetor and Rhinox, but time will tell on the rest!