Game News: Get a Preview of Ironhide and Sea Clamp in This Week's "Earth wars" Update


Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Welcome to week 6 and we’re finally at the end of the saga!

There will be no leaderboard event in this saga, and instead, we’ll be returning to our chance event. There will be 150 tiers in this event, which means more chance crystals are to be obtained!

We’ve also included the new saga into the newsletter, and we’re still adjusting numbers thanks to your feedback.

Perfect Future

Take part in this weekend's Alliance Totaliser and win:

- Up to 150 Perfect Future Crystals, each which contains a chance to win BW Ironhide & Sea Clamp (4-Star, 3-Star, or 100 Character Shards) and lots of Crystal Shards! - Up to 150,000 Spark - Up to 150,000 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark - Up to 150,000 Combiner Spark

Event Type: Alliance Totaliser
Start Date: 20/08/2021 10:00 UTC
End Date: 23/08/2021 10:00 UTC
Bot Experience: SUPER XP
Prestiges: 150 Total Event Score: 1,500,000

Event Battle Zones

Alliance Totaliser with Prestiges Prizes
* Each Perfect Future crystal contains a chance to win:
Upcoming Characters From this weekend, we'll be welcoming two more characters to the Earth Wars family; BW Ironhide & Sea Clamp!

BW Ironhide

Put a shield that blocks 80% damage and rush into combat damaging walls along the way. You then stomp dealing damage and more damage to walls. Buildings around are weakened, receiving 40% more damage for 10 seconds.




Sea Clamp

Put a shield that blocks 80% damage and rush into combat damaging walls along the way. You then stomp dealing damage and more damage to walls. Buildings around are weakened, receiving 40% more damage for 10 seconds.



Playtest Thoughts
Since the playtesters have been playing with both bots for some time now, it's probably best to get some tips & tricks on the secrets these bots hold! We'd also like to thank all of the playtesters that gave feedback on both bots!

Darth TNT's Thoughts
It seems like Ironhide learned some new tricks with his Beastwars upgrade. What do you do when a stampede of a single angry mammoth comes your way? You get weak knees and you break down crying. That’s what this bot does to bases. Combine him with a walk team and watch bases melt, just be careful with traps that might stop him in his tracks!

TexasHammer's Thoughts
Honestly, this bot is pretty awesome, from the get-go stat-wise. This bot can open up a layout, as a pathing bot (I mean who doesn't love a stampeding Elephant or Lobster?!). The shield he gets while rushing is fantastic as it works like Grimlock due to his costs of 3+4 and that is already super cheap - it is backed up with very good range as well. This allows multiple uses from the get-go and does not leave your special ability points drained.

If you don't want to use the bots as a pathing bot, you can use them as a post sac bot which will allow your support team to hammer the ops when they come to the pad as the 40% glass AOE effect is massive and cuts them down really fast.

From a defence perspective, in a kill zone, they would do some serious damage to opponents if they are not paying attention as they will take 40% extra damage, and with tank-like stats, it's not as if they will die after committing either.

I used him to path so for me I used Wallbuster core and Lionizer as a C.OM.B.A.T. which maximizes the glass effect area you made rushing. For defence, I would use Megatronus and Lionisder. Definitely, a must-have bot to allow greater flexibility of options on both attack and defence.

UnusuallyThick's Thoughts
This new bot lives up to the name BEAST! Fully encompassing the attributes of a true front-line bot, he also does pretty well on his own provided he doesn't get stunned. Luckily, he has a little rat friend that can help him with that. Slap Megatronus on him and you have a deadly rush bot with power leveling capabilities.

WindChaser's Thoughts
BW Ironhide/Sea Clamp is a solid but tanky bot with high health that can make him useful against OP bots and defenses as a distraction. To make him really last long in battle is to take advantage of 2 things...his ability damage and the enemy's walls (when he runs right through them)! This is why I think Alchemist + Pteraxadon is the way to go.

Challenge Battle
Want to try BW Ironhide & Sea Clamp to form your own opinions? We’ve added the challenge battle in-game so that you’re able to play a mini-campaign to get a taste of the new bots.

Team up with some of the best bots to prove your skills on the battlefield. All bots part of the challenge battle are all 4-Star, at level 50, with level 5 abilities and equipped with level 10 power cores.

Game Updates & Information
We have some news on a few things that the team has been working on in the background, and we’re keen to share them with you!

Shanix Shop Update
We’ve updated the Shanix Store so that you’re able to buy Z-Energon if you are under level 79 - and this is just one of the many catch-up mechanics that we’ll be introducing into the game.

Acquire Shanix Coins by participating in mid-week Raids and special events!

1-Star Bots
Previously, you had to submit a ticket to obtain the remaining 1-Star bots, and we’re super pleased to reveal that you will be able to complete the achievement “Humble Beginnings” to claim all of them!

Once you reach HQ8, you'll be able to automatically complete the achievement and claim all of the bots without sending in a ticket.

Already HQ8? No problem. Just go ahead and complete it already and enjoy those 1-Star bots!

The Golden Disk Power Core
Optimal Optimus & Transmetal 2 Megatron were born from their original transmetal and the collusion of Transwarp energy harnessed from the Golden Disk by Tarantulas.

For this reason, they will be the only bots able to equip the Golden Disk Power Core.

What does the Golden Disk Power Core do?
This Golden Disk coating reflects a percentage of damage back to the attackers! On 0 health, you go back in time to the location and health you had a few seconds ago. One use per battle!

Bundle Sales
This weekend, Optimal Optimus & T2 Megatron will be in store!

Each bundle includes some Spark to upgrade your best characters! That's not just the only bundles available this weekend: Special Bundles, Total Attack Bundle,Golden Lagoon

Current Saga Schedule
It’s time to discuss the next saga! Thank you everyone for your feedback so far. Moving over to a 6-week saga was always going to be difficult, it’s something we’ve never done before and we’re still working on getting the schedule right for you, as well as us.

The schedule below is subject to change, and you can always find those changes that are made by joining our Discord server and checking out our #event_updates channel.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
The following bug fixes went live on the 19th of August:

  • Chromia and Fellbat - We have pushed yet another fix for Chromia and Fellbat that has solved the issue on the few replays you have shared with us. Thanks again for your help!
  • Rhinox and Tarantulas - This is not a nerf! Both bots still get their intended normal, linear, boost for increasing their ability (+10 Damage & +1.2% Healing). However, we pushed better values from testing that weren’t mentioned in both the tooltip and the newsletter (+21 Damage & +10% Healing). The +2 second still extends the ability, so both bots still do more damage and healing.
  • Punch and Counterpunch - We’ve fixed various issues with these bots. In one case, both bots became invulnerable for a further 10 seconds after using their special ability which led to defences being unable to target them. In another case, both bots come out of their “undercover” after throwing a stun grenade. We’ve fixed this.
  • Bumblebee and Skrapnel - From level 1 to 10, the duration of the damage over time was effectively shorter than the duration displayed in the ability description. This caused the ability to do less damage than expected, and this has now been fixed.
  • Hoist and Crankcase - They are now available through Premium Crystals!

There is no livestream this week! We're back on Thursday 26th August 16:00 UTC!

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