Toy News: Listings Appear for "Vintage Beast Wars" Figures at Wal-Mart


TFW2005 has shared an exciting report today, revealing that Wal-Mart will be carrying a series of "Vintage" Beast Wars figures! Previously the "Vintage" line was reserved as a title for the G1 reissues put out in G1 styled packaging at Wal-Mart as exclusive items. If this line follows suit, could we be looking at re-releases of original Beast Wars figures in "vintage" Beast Wars packaging? It may seem odd to be calling this line "Vintage", but keep in mind that Beast Wars was released over twenty years ago!

From TFW2005's article, here are the listings that intrepid fellow fan Jtprime17 found:

TRA GEN BW Vintage Optimus Primal EAN: 5010993869862 Product Number: F1621

TRA GEN BW Vintage Trex Megatron EAN: 5010993867103 Product Number: F1622

TRA GEN BW Vintage Rattrap EAN: 5010993867141

TRA GEN BW Vintage Cheetor EAN: 5010993866953 Product Number: F1620

If more news becomes available I'll post it here. As a long time Beast Wars fans I really hope this does turn out to be reissues so we can see classic Beast Wars packaging gracing shelves once again!