Entertainment: Several Transformers Action Figures Appear in Netflix's "Fubar"


Yesterday Netflix debuted its newest action series Fubar.  The series stars action star Arnold Schwarzenegger as a CIA operative who is about to retire but then gets pulled into a new mission.  During the third episode titled "Honeyplot" two characters go into an apartment with lots of pop culture collectibles including several Transformers toys!  I've taken screenshots below and labeled them by numbers.  Here's what I've spotted (see if you can spot more!):

1: Titan Class Ark in the foreground, a Generations series figure in box on top of a Detolf shelf and several smaller figures on a shelf to the left (more on that below).

2: Titan Class Ark on a table.

3: Studio Series Skipjack with other figures to the left.

4: Titan Class Ark in the foreground.  Two Cyberverse figures on a top shelf in the background.  A Buzzworthy Bumblebee multi-pack (possibly Cyberverse) behind a glass case.  Among other figures is Legends Class Bumblebee inside the case.  One shelf down is a Kingdom Rodimus Prime with a smaller glass/plastic case in front of it.  Inside that case is Legends Class Wheelie from Universe 2.0 along with Legends Class Optimus Prime circa 10+ years ago. On the lowest shelf is a Bumblebee mask from either the 2007 live action film line or Revenge of the Fallen.

5: In a glass or plastic case to the left, there are four Transformers.  There appears to be an Optimus Prime next to (I think) G1 Gunrunner, a Bumblebee below that next to Legends Class Rodimus.

It's always fun to spot Transformers in entertainment.  This is another fun example.  Fubar is playing now on Netflix.

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