Toy News: Thursday, March 24 is Walmart Collector Con


Today's "Transformers Tuesday" announcement has revealed that this Thursday, March 24, 2022 will be the "Walmart Collectors Con".  Here is what Hasbro posted on Facebook:

Another #TransformersTuesday is here! Here’s a little preview of the Transformers treasures that await you at Walmart Collector Con on Thursday, March 24th at 1PM ET.
Starting off with some classic G1 Decepticons, check out Shockwave and Galvatron from the R.E.D. Collection. We’re bringing back some vintage beasts with Vintage Beast Wars Wolfang and Cybershark. And add even more beast power to your collection with Legacy Sandstorm, Buzzsaw, and Nightprowler. Parents, tune in to Walmart Collector Con for details.
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