Game News: Get a first look at the next Combiners and learn more about mercenary triple-changer Snapdragon in this "Earth Wars" update


Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Get a first look at the next Combiners and learn more about mercenary triple-changer Snapdragon

Capital Offense

Take part in this weekend's Individual Tournament event and win up to:

  • 3x 500,000 Troop XP Items
  • 1x Gold Power Core
  • 20,000,000 Energon
  • 20,000,000 Alloy
  • 50,000 Spark
  • 50,000 Combiner Spark
  • 50,000 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark
  • 1,000 4-Star Shards
  • 3,000 3-Stars Shards
  • 10,000 Premium Shards

Event Type: Individual
Start Date: 26/03/2021 10:00 UTC
End Date: 29/03/2021 10:00 UTC
Bot Experience: TRIPLE XP
Prestige: 1
Total Battle Points: 20,000

Event Battle Zones

Totaliser Prizes

Each Total Spark Crystal contains a chance to win:

We are just a few weeks away from the release of two new Combiners!

In Transformers: Earth Wars, Computron will be composed of:

  • Scattershot
  • Strafe
  • Nosecone
  • Afterbreaker
  • Lightspeed

In Transformers: Earth Wars, Liokaiser will be composed of:

  • Leozack
  • Drillhorn
  • Guyhawk
  • Fellbat
  • Ironbison

*In order to offer parity on the amount of bots required to combine, we have received the authorisation from Hasbro to alter Liokaiser’s design to make him a 5 bots combiner. Where changes were not required, our concept artists have maintained features seen on original illustrations and toys. We hope you’ll enjoy the result and the removed hurdle of collecting 6 bots instead of 5!

The next bot to join the Earth Wars will be mercenary Snapdragon Autobot Bio: Snapdragon has been an outsider from day one, never really comfortable with factions and causes, and though his monstrous appearance and 'Horrorcon' tag (given him rather than adopted) marked him as material for the Decepticon forces, he preferred to feather his own nest as a mercenary-for-hire.

Vain and highly focused on his own well-being/structural integrity, Snapdragon decided that if he was going to risk his precious hide it was going to be for reward and personal profit rather than any perceived 'field of combat' glory. A triple-changer, Snapdragon is an adversary to be reckoned with in any of his three forms.

Decepticon Bio: Snapdragon cut ties with the Decepticons as soon as he could safely do so, namely by proving his worth to Megatron as an outside and independent contractor first and foremost.

Though prone to bouts of animalistic fury and carousels of destruction, what really motivates Snapdragon is the bottom line: what's in it for me. If the price is right, he'll fight alongside Autobots, Decepticons, Quintessons or anyone for that matter (often at the same time). It's a testament to his skill and sheer combat prowess (as well as his status as a triple-changer) that Megatron tolerates Snapdragon's vain and self-interested nature.

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