Toy News: "War for Cybertron" Netflix "Spoiler Pack" Spoiled


Yesterday Walmart and Hasbro Pulse launched a bunch of new pre-orders.  Among the figures revealed were a Walmart/Hasbro Pulse exclusive "spoiler pack" based on the Netflix animated series.   Each wave of the Netflix figures thus far has had a "spoiler pack" so this was to be expected.  What is surprising is that only one day after the reveal of the box, the Smythe's web site has spoiled the identity of the figures in the pack!  Their listing includes photos of the figures out of box which are (yet another) redeco of Siege Megatron and a purple Paleotrex (which leaked online weeks ago).  The deco on Megatron appears to be unique to this release, but heavily based on the previous Netflix Walmart exclusive release.  This set will also include new accessories including a bandolier with the Matrix attached (which I am guessing is the "spoiler" part).  Check out pics of the figures below: