Toy News: Official Images and Product Information for "Masterpiece G" Getsuei


Amazon Japan has posted its listing for the next figure in the Masterpiece G series of Trainbots: Getsuei! This Trainbot is priced on Amazon Japan at ¥ 14,513 ($127.19 USD) and is due to ship on September 24, 2022. Check out the official product information and images below (via Google Translate):

The railway theme of Transformers has been commercialized! "Getsei" of "Trainbot"
who was active in the TV animation "Transformers The Headmasters" has appeared from the new series "MPG"! "MPG" is an abbreviation of Masterpiece G, G Means GATTAI, GIANT, GREAT. Achieves an amazing 3-step transformation, and the "Trainbot Riden" is completed by combining all 6 types! Since it is fully poseable, you can enjoy reproducing the poses in the play. You can enjoy the display by putting it on the attached rail. Weapons, pantographs, and joint parts are also included. In addition, it is a triple change specification, and it can be transformed into the right leg part of "Leiden"! "Trainbot Shoki" to be released and 4 types of trainbots to be released in the future are combined to complete "Leiden" can do. * Photos and illustrations may differ from the actual product. * The image used is CG using design data. [Set contents] Trainbot Getty body (1), Pantograph (2), Weapon (night laser) (1), Joint parts (1), Conventional line rail A (1), Conventional line rail B (1) ), Character card (1), Instruction manual (1)

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