Game News: A Raid Event Comes to "Earth Wars" This Weekend with "The Barrel's End"


Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Battle to win Squad Core Chips in this weekend’s event and get a closer look at Scattershot and Leozack

The Barrel’s End
Your troops are ready for a Raid to Cybertron! Take part in this weekend's event and win:

  • A Gmetal, a Gold and a Silver Squad Core Chip*
  • Up to 750 5-Star Shards
  • Up to 800 4-Star Shards
  • Up to 2,000 3-Star Shards
  • Up to 3,000 Shanix Coins
  • Up to 3,000 Prime Core Shards

*Contains a random Squad Core of the mentioned quality!

  • Event Type: Raid
  • Start Date: 04/12/2020 10:00 UTC
  • End Date: 07/12/2020 10:00 UTC
  • Bot Experience: TRIPLE XP
  • Prestiges: 1
  • Total Battle Points: 1,000,000

How to Participate?

  • Reach HQ Level 4 and Join an Alliance
  • Tap the Event button!
  • Select an Event Battle Zone to fight in!
  • Win your battle and gather Energy Cells!
  • Use Energy Cells to attack available Raid Bases
  • Damage or Destroy Raid Bases to win Raid Points that will unlock Reward Tiers
  • Collect prizes!
  • Use Shanix Coins to purchase unique items from the Shanix Shop!

Event Battle Zones

Raid Zones

Totaliser Prizes

Scattershot & Leozack
Scattershot comes across as a brusque and boorish blunt instrument, more interested in battlefields and brawling than wrestling with scientific and technological problems in the lab. Like his fellow Technobots, he possesses a much higher-than-average processor speed and a questing mind, but hides it behind a loud, obnoxious and crass exterior.

That said, his bravery and proficiency on the battlefield isn't bluff and bluster, he really lives up to his loud and proud warrior status, bristling with weaponry including an electron pulse cannon.

Leozack can be a liability. Though undeniably a fierce and ferocious warrior, he can be overzealous and over-convinced of his own abilities, fully believing there's no one - not even Megatron or Deathsaurus - he can't challenge for the top spot in the Decepticon hierarchy.

This makes him prone to rash and self-serving actions that don't always factor the best interests of his fellow Decepticons, and for all his careful plotting and subterfuge, his ambition is naked and visible to all. If he weren't such an asset - alone and combined - he'd have been cosmic dust decades ago.

Glitch & Gatorface
This week we’re revealing the ability of Glitch and Gatorface
Shoot enemies from a long range. Chance of a critical strike dealing 2x more damage and causing the target to receive +10% / +15% / +20% / 25% damage from all sources for 5 secs.

You can unlock Glitch and Gatorface from their character bundle this weekend!
Bug Fixes & Improvements
The following bug fixes/improvements are going live with a content push this Thursday.

We have fixed an issue causing the Micronus to restore high amount of health when equipped in combination with Smashdown or Razor-Sharp.
We have edited Smashdown and Razor-Sharp description as it was deemed confusing by some players. It now specifies the damage increase only affects normal damage.

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