Toy News: "Kingdom" T-Wrecks Listed on


Fans have seen leaked samples and official product photos of the upcoming Kingdom T-Wrecks for over a month now.  The figure is a redeco of the Kingdom Megatron figure, paying homage to the Dinobots character from the early 2000's.  Now, likely for "Transformers Tuesday", Target has posted the listing for T-Wrecks on their site!  According to the listing, those fans holding Target Red Cards will be able to order first.  This "Red Card early access" period will last until July 24, 2021.  After that, general orders will be put up.  Each customer is limited to 1 piece, which is a good way to keep the figure from selling out instantly as other exclusives have in the past.

Thus far this morning fans have been unable to order the figure.  While it allows you to add to cart, no one I know has been able to successfully check out.  It is possible this is due to launch this afternoon around 1PM ET (the usual time for "Transformers Tuesday" launches).  If you want this Dinobot commander, keep refreshing that screen and good luck!