Toy News: Behind the Scenes Info & Images for "Legacy" Crankcase


In addition to Skullgrin, Mark Maher has also revealed behind the scenes info and art for Legacy Crankcase!  Check it out below.

When I saw the appearance of the Movieverse Crankcase I just had to find a way to release an update of this guy. I did love his appearance in the @idwpublishing but I felt the toy head would be the go instead of the halfway blown apart head like the comics.

Worked with Shu san in Takara on this partial of Legacy Skids mold and we went back and forth an awful lot about the trigger blasters. It was really challenging to fit the blasters with a blast compatibility and we also wanted to keep the alt mode clean with the blasters hidden. It was a compromise in the end as I really wanted this character. I even had a rendition where the side fender compartments came off on a 5mm post to be added as ammo for the front grill blaster, but since this was a partial mold, we did our best to do the character justice within the cost alotted.

To note the silver op behind the grill was stripped to utilize those ops for the cool two tone decal on the back spare tire.

I will post some more in my story for a feature tidbit on this guy and I hope you really enjoy him!

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