Toy News: Official Images & Info for "Masterpiece" MP-44S Optimus Prime


Takara Tomy Mall has updated its site with a new listing for a redeco of MP-44 Optimus Prime!   This "MP-44S" edition features the cab only of Masterpiece Optimus Prime sporting a new deco based on the G1 Optimus Prime action figure!  This item is 33,000 yen (about $231.83 USD) and is due for release in late February 2024.  For now, check out the official information (as translated by Google Translate) and the official images below:

"Optimus Prime" appears in the Masterpiece series, the highest brand of Transformers!
It is based on the convoy main body of "MP-44 Convoy Ver.3.0" released in 2019, and has the toy colors and decorations of the 1980s. The name also adopted the overseas name "Optimus Prime" that became famous in Hollywood movies!
The characteristic red and blue coloring is also darker, and the waist and thighs are also painted in silver.
In addition, the stickers that can be attached to the hands and feet that were attached to the toys at the time are also reproduced.
Includes Matrix, Laser Rifle, Energy Ax, Beam Effect, and Round Head!
* Sound gimmick function is not installed. *The container part and its attached parts are not included.

Optimus Prime body (1), matrix (1), laser rifle (1), energy ax (1), beam effect (1), round head (1), adapter (1), character card (1), seal (1) ), instruction manual (1)

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