Toy News: Takara Tomy Releases Additional Photos of "Kingdom" Rhinox


Back in April Hasbro officially revealed Kingdom Rhinox. Now thanks to Takara Tomy we have more official photos of this upcoming figure!  These images and product descriptions are all via their web site and the @TF_Pr Twitter account.  Check out these images and product description below (translated via Google Translate):

Reboot the popular characters of TF history! Equipped with a common standard joint that can be equipped with weapons and effect parts.
You can reproduce a more realistic battle scene.
In the new series, the heroes who played an active part in that Beast Wars are finally participating!
The new series "Kingdom" that decorates the final chapter of the trilogy!

Deputy Commander of Maximals, a Beast Warrior of Justice with a wealth of knowledge about machines.
Transforms from rhino to robot mode.
He has a mild-mannered personality who doesn't like fighting, but is scared when he gets angry.
The rush in Beast mode that makes the most of the huge body is outstanding.
In robot mode, equip two Gatling hammers to shoot enemies.

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