Toy News: "Generations" Legacy United Slipstream Revealed


Hasbro Transformers designer Mark Maher has taken to Instagram once again with a new reveal: Generations Slipstream!  Along with official product photos he has given some key bits of info regarding the figure:

  • This is a retool/redeco of Windblade
  • The figure features a new head and weapons.
  • The figure features metallic purple and teal colors.
  • Starscream's head was used as the starting point for the head design but the "ears" were adjusted for a unique look.
  • The cockpit is tinted teal color but you can still see the pilot and copilot seats inside.

This figure is due to go up for preorder at 1PM on Thursday so keep an eye out!  For now, enjoy the pics in the gallery below.

Source: Mark Maher's Instagram Feed

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