Toy News: Hasbro Reveals Upcoming "Legacy" Releases including Transmetal II Megatron and more!


Thanks to Matt Guzy on Twitter we have some awesome pics of today's Legacy reveals from San Diego Comic-Con!   At today's Transformers panel the team revealed the following figures:

  • Deluxe Class Blanker (Pointblank)
  • Deluxe Class Crankase
  • Deluxe Class Dead End
  • Deluxe Class Skullgrin
  • Voyager Class Armada Starscream
  • Voyager Class Beast Wars Inferno
  • Leader Class Beast Wars Transmetal II Megatron

They specifically said accessories are not being revealed yet (so Blanker could still get a Targetmaster, at least let's hope so).  Those should be revealed on August 16th.  I'll post more information as I receive it.  For now, check out the images mirrored in the gallery below.

Lightbox Gallery