Entertainment: "Transformers" Themed Restaurant Opens in Hong Kong


In 2021 it was revealed that the iFree group teamed with Hasbro to open Transformers themed restaurants in Asia.  In 2022, one of the first locations was chosen in Hong Kong at Russell Street in Causeway Bay.  Finally in April 2023 the restaurant has opened!  First, check out the fun commercial for it posted by jzafei on reddit:

Commercial for Transformers Theme Restaurant - The Ark
by u/jzafei in transformers

The restaurant is built to resemble the interior of the Autobot ship and base: The Ark.  The conceit behind the restaurant is that the Autobots and The Ark are hiding out on Earth and the ship is "disguised" as a theme restaurant!  I did some searching and could not find an official press release on this opening.  However, Breath News HK was on hand for opening day!  Some highlights from their write up (as translated by Google):

  • The restaurant is located at: 38 Russell Street, Causeway Bay
  • The restaurant is 5200 square feet.
  • The restaurant opened to the public on April 23, 2023 after 6pm
  • The restaurant is moderately priced (think Five Guys Burger both in menu and pricing)
  • Burger choices include an Angus Truffle Burger,Crab Avocado, Crispy Chicken and Seaweed Cod
  • Food is delivered via a conveyor belt system
  • There is exclusive merchandise including T-Shirts and Caps
  • Screens play animations of characters "interacting" with guests

I have mirrored some of Breath News HKs images below, but you'll want to check out their post for full details.

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