Toy News: "Rise of the Beasts" Scorponok will be a Toys 'R' Us Exclusive in Japan


About a week and a half ago it was announced that Hasbro would be releasing several Rise of the Beasts figures under the Target exclusive Buzzworthy Bumblebee line.  One of these figures was Scorponok, partnered with a small scorpion Battle Master style figure named Sandspear.  In Japan however, this figure will be a Toys 'R' Us exclusive.  Thanks to its official listing, we have official information and new images (including modes not shown by Hasbro!).  Check out the info and pics below (with some help from Google Translate):

Beast Awakening BCS-EX Awakening Change Set Scorponok & Sand Spear
Characters from the 7th Hollywood movie "Transformers/Beast Awakening" appear as toys.

A series that includes Awakening Weapon and Awakening Change. Let's collect a lot and transform!
A product that includes a Scorponok and a beast that becomes a spear.
Abundant play value with recombination play! Let's play with deformation & weapon equipment!

<Set contents> Scorponok main body (1), Sandspear main body (1), Instruction manual (1)

Scorponok and Sandstorm are listed at 2499 Yen (about $19.05 USD) with a mid-April 2023 release date.

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