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Toy News: "Legacy" Wreck 'N Rule Collection Diaclone Universe Twin Twist Revealed

It's Friday and Hasbro is wrapping up its "Wreck 'N Rule" collection reveals with Diaclone Universe Twin Twist! This is a redeco of the Titans Return Twin Twist figure which was rare even during its initial release. The colors are based on the toy released by Takara way back when that would eventually become Twin Twist in G1. Twin Twist is $24.99 and scheduled to ship on November 1, 2022.

Toy News: Hasbro Reveals "Legacy" Wreck ‘N Rule Collection G2 Universe Leadfoot and Masterdominus

As a follow up to yeterday's reveal of Impactor and Swindle set, we now have our look at the next "Wreck 'N Rule" collection pack: G2 Leadfoot and Masterdominus! G2 Leadfoot is a retool/redeco of Mirage based on the G2 Rotor Force team member. Masterdominus (with a very punny name) is a retool/redeco of Ractonite. The set is $44.99 with a November 1, 2022 release date.

Toy News: Takara Tomy Reveals "Studio Series" Arcee

The folks over at Takara Tomy Mall have posted a new reveal: Studio Series Arcee! No, not the one from the Bumblebee Movie but rather one geared towards being part of the Studio Series 86 line! This Arcee appears to be a redeco and retool of the Thrilling 30 figure, and surprisingly not the recent Earthrise/Kingdom release! This is cool in my book since I consider this the superior figure to use as a foundation.