Rumor: "Legacy" Roadhauler to be released at Walmart


Here is a random piece of news (sent to me via fellow fan Phil Z.).  Without any fanfare, Walmart has posted a listing for "TRA GEN LEGACY VELOCITRON VOY ROADHAULER".  The reference to the Cybertronian colony of Velocitron is interesting and suggests perhaps some type of theme similar to the Netflix releases of the past at Walmart.  Roadhauler started as a one off Autobot appearance in G1 and would later become his own full fledged character via an e-Hobby release in 2003.  Given that this listing has the term "VOY" and a Voyager Class price point, it is highly likely this will be a redeco of Earthrise Grapple.  This is all speculation of course as the listing only has that basic information with no images.  If and when this is announced officially BWTF will bring you the news!