Collectible News: The Royal Mail Announces New Transformers Stamp Collection


The Royal Mail has officially announced a new set of stamps and art to celebrate the Transformers brand! The collection was designed by Transformers art veterans Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskerville and John-Paul Bove giving a distinct G1 feel. Good news for fans in the United States, you can order from the site and have it shipped to you! Here's a rundown of the newly revealed items:


Transformers Bundle - £47.57
The Transformers Prestige Stamp Book, Presentation Pack and Stamp Souvenir in one package.

Transformers Optimus Prime Stamp Ingot - £24.99
A stunning reproduction of the Optimus Prime First Class stamp plated in pure silver with colour printing and relief detail.

Protected in a capsule and securely displayed in a collectible pack.

Limited to 5,000 individually numbered examples.

Transformers Postcards - £6.30
Fourteen postcards feature enlargements of all 13 stamps and the Miniature Sheet.

Transformers Prestige First Day Cover With Tallents House Postmark - £4.25
A First Day Cover featuring the unique pane of definitive stamps included in the 24-page Prestige Stamp Book publication.

Two £1.00 stamps and two 50p stamps with images of Optimus Prime and Megatron featured in the centre of the pane.

Inside your special edition envelope, you’ll find an information card that details the Transformers story and the stamp issue’s specifications.

Customised with your choice of postmark and address on the first day of issue – 1 September 2022.

Choose your postmark

The Tallents House postmark features the Autobot logo, while the alternative postmark comprises the Decepticon logo and Arkholme as the location – this is in reference to The Ark, the Autobots’ spaceship.

Transformers Dinobots Medal Cover - £19.99
A unique collectible medal cover showcasing the Dinobots in their full glory.

Includes an exclusive silver-plated medal, colour printed with Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots, and the distinctive logo on the reverse.

The stamps are cancelled with a special postmark for this medal cover, incorporating a quote from Slug and the location of Grimley, Worcester in reference to Grimlock.

The illustrated pack, with words from writer James Roberts, looks in more detail at the battle-hardened characters which make up the Dinobots faction.

Limited to just 5,000 individually numbered medal covers.

Transformers Framed Giclée Print - £69.99
An exquisite print of the Optimus Prime v Megatron stamp artwork, mounted and framed in a stunning display.

Using giclée printing processes on high quality stock, this print brings to life every detail from the original artists.

Dimensions: 48cm x 75cm

Transformers Press Sheet - £64.56
A press sheet featuring 12 Miniature Sheets from the stamp issue. Limited to just 200 examples.

Transformers Miniature Sheet Pack - £5.70
The Miniature Sheet presented in an exclusive souvenir pack. All five new stamps, with a clear protective strip to preserve their condition.

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