Toy News: Walmart Selling "Generations" & "Studio Series" Bundle Packs


Hasbro and Walmart have teamed up to release several "bundle packs" of Generations and Studio Series figures that fans may have missed out on previously.  Some fans will be thrilled by the inclusion of the Stunticons Dead End and Wildrider in two separate packs.  Fans have been having one heck of a time completing their Stunticon sets so this is awesome!  Still other fans will be happy to get their hands on figures like Legacy Tarantulas who was not exactly overflowing on shelves.  The two packs found so far are:

The best part for everyone picking these up is the price: $24.97 each!  That basically makes these two packs BOGO deals (buy one, get one free!).  These appear to be another production run of the original figures.  These are hitting stores across the United States now and Walmart has three of the five sets on their site to order.  The ones available on the site are linked above.  Happy hunting fellow fans!