Toy News: "Combiner Wars" Devastator Pre-Orders on Hasbro Pulse


Back in 2015 Hasbro released a new version of Devastator in the Titan Class. This was the first G1 based version of the character in that class and it sold well enough that after market prices on the toy can go well over $300 (twice the original retail price). Fans who missed out on this figure can now rejoice! Hasbro Pulse has listed new pre-orders for Combiner Wars Devastator! The set is priced at $149.99 with a release date of January 15, 2021.

Check out the photos and official product description below:

The Transformers battle doesn't get any bigger than this -- and Transformers fans can decide who fights it! Transformers Generations Combiner Wars figures unite to form giant super robots. Collect favorite characters and teams to build the most powerful Combiner robots in the Transformers universe. This 6-figure pack contains the entire Constructicons team. Combine Constructicons figures to form a mighty Devastator robot.

This all-in-one Constructicons pack contains 6 Voyager Class figures: Constructicon Hook, Constructicon Long Haul, Constructicon Scavenger, Constructicon Bonecrusher, Constructicon Scrapper, and Constructicon Mixmaster. Each figure converts from robot to vehicle and back, and all 6 figures combine to form a giant Devastator figure. The completed Devastator Combiner figure stands 18 inches tall. It's the largest Combiner figure in the Combiner Wars series! Assemble the figure and add the ultimate destructive Decepticon force to exciting Transformers Combiner Wars battles.

Includes: 6 Voyager Class figures, collectible collector card, 4 accessories, and instructions.

  • Includes 6 Voyager Class Constructicon figures
  • Combine the 6 figures to form a giant Devastator figure
  • Devastator Combiner figure stands 18 inches tall
  • Includes Constructicon Hook (converts to a crane truck), Constructicon Long Haul (converts to a dump truck), Constructicon Scavenger (converts to a power shovel), Constructicon Bonecrusher (converts to a bulldozer), Constructicon Scrapper (converts to a front loader), Constructicon Mixmaster (converts to a cement mixer)
  • Comes with a collectible character card Ages 4 and up

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