Toy News: Target Exclusives Road Rage and Draculus Go Up for Pre-Order Today


Target's Fall Geek-Out Event started last week with Batman related items, now this week it's time for some new Transformers! First is the previously revealed Road Rage, a redeco and retool of Kingdom Tracks. The second figure revealed this morning is Draculus! Rumored back in early summer, Draculus is the next Collaborative figure featuring a crossover between the classic Dracula monster and Transformers. This is a bit of a callback to a line of never-produced G1 concepts that featured Transformers turning into classic movie monsters. You can see that concept art on the Transformers Multimedia Archive on Twitter. As you may expect, the figure is a redeco and retool of the Headmaster Mindwipe figure from Titans Returns, though no telling if this figure will be a Headmaster or not. For now, check out the fun image below and around 9am EDT get ready to order via Target's site!