War for Cybertron: Kingdom

Affiliate News: Entertainment Earth "Kingdom" Ark Pre-Orders include Exclusive Pin Set

Today's Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest reveals have really been awesome, especially large pieces like The Ark!  However, if you needed just a little something extra with your Ark order, Entertainment Earth has just the thing for you!  If you preorder from Entertainment Earth now, you will get an exclusive set of pins along with your order (as long as supplies last).  You'll also be helping to support BWTF by using

Toy News: Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest "Kingdom" News & Image Round Up

Today's Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest event was choc full of reveals for Transformers and one of the most significant parts of the presentation were reveals from Kingdom! Check out the official product information and images from Hasbro Pulse. There were also two Core Class reveals but those are not up on Pulse. Once regular retailers put those up I will add those images. Enjoy!

Toy News: More (possible) Leaked Photos of "Kingdom" Galvatron

Over the past couple of weeks some teasers for a figure that is reported as Kingdom Galvatron have been popping up online here and there. In the past couple days however much clearer photos showing the entire figure have popped up online. While I do believe these represent the (rumored) Leader Class figure, no official reveal has been done yet so until then do take this news with a grain of salt. The latest photos come via @seasalt99 on Instagram who appears to have gotten an early in hand sample of the figure.

Toy News: Possible Images of "Kingdom" Galvatron

This afternoon two images have suddenly exploded online (so much so that I cannot even figure out where they originally came from).  These two pics reportedly feature the upcoming Kingdom Galvatron figure!  Assuming these images are what they appear to be, Galvatron is heavily based on his G1 animated appearance.  His "crown" shaped helmet, angled chest area and orange cannon are all signature Galvatron design elements.  For a bit of fun, he appears to have additional blasters that are based on the ship Unicron gave to the Decepticons in the 1986 animated film!  Check out