Toy News: IGN Reveals "Legacy" Bulkhead and Skids

The folks over at IGN have revealed the very first official pics of two figures from the upcoming "Legacy" line of Transformers figures! This line is a follow up to the "War for Cybertron" trilogy in the "Generations" sub-line and appears to feature characters from different universes coming together. The two figures shown are Deluxe Class Autobot Skids and Voyager "Prime" Bulkhead!

Pre-Order Alert: Super 7 ReAction Optimus Prime Santa Figure Available for Pre-Order

It may be incredible to think about but we are already nearing the end of 2021, and with it comes the Holiday season. In celebration of that season Super 7 has posted pre-orders for an unexpected figure: Optimus Prime Santa! This wacky figure is a redeco and retool of the previously released Optimus Prime figure from the ReAction line featuring Optimus wearing a Santa hat and featuring a green and red Christmas themed deco. You can pre-order this item using the links below (and help support BWTF as well!). The figure is due in December 2021.

Toy News: Possible Images of "Masterpiece" Trainbot Shouki

Images have appeared online via several Facebook groups showing off what appears to be a Masterpiece version of Shouki - the leader of the Trainbots from the "Headmasters" cartoon series.  Along with his fellow Trainbots, he could form part of the Combiner, Raiden.  This group of G1 toys was only released in Japan and thus far the entire group has not yet been updated outside of a Million Publishing exclusive of Shouki as a Classics Astrotrain redeco.