Collectible News: "Bumblebee" Movie Optimus Prime Truck For Sale


At the end of the live action Bumblebee movie, Optimus Prime appeared on Earth transforming into a very G1-esque truck alongside Bumblebee. If you are a collector with a lot of spare cash, the truck used in shooting that scene can now be yours! A listing on Facebook shows off the vehicle with a lot of descriptive text (pasted below for posterity). The current asking price is $21,600 but the owner is open to offers if you want to give it a go! Text from the Facebook post is pasted below. Image credit goes to its owner Justin L. VanDerslice.

Update: This truck has been sitting for almost a year now. Obviously with the cold weather it would take some doing to get it fired up, but it is definitely possible. At this point, I'm willing to entertain any reasonable offer. I'm trying to get a downpayment for a house, and honestly it saddens me to see my baby sitting there doing nothing. I'd rather sell him cheap to a good home than let him die in my yard.
Make me an offer guys. Worst I can say is no!
Thinking about selling my 87 Cabover AS IS.
Cummins Big Cam 3 350 HP
9 Speed
3.42 rears
228" WB
Drives 65%, Steers New
Truck has new (but mediocre) paint.
RLK visor
American Eagle bumper
I have zero clue on the total miles. It's got 85k on an overhaul without paperwork. New front rear end. New air compressor as of 2/23/20.
This truck was featured in the ending scene of the motion picture Bumblebee, so it is the legitimate Optimus Prime.
Ok, now here's what it needs: new driver's side door, some fenders, lower section of the grill.
I was planning on having these things fixed before selling, but figured I'd give it a try as is. If I fix these items, the price goes up by whatever I spend on them. I'd guess around $2000.
This is a very strong running truck. I use it daily, running an average 2500 miles/wk. I have no problem taking this truck anywhere in the country today. I'm only selling to make room for a newer truck with more creature comforts, and yes...I know...ELD 🤮🤬.
I'm willing to entertain REASONABLE offers. Truck's FOR sale not ON sale, but it's certainly not new. Shoot me a decent offer and I'll hear you out!